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Sat, 30 Apr 2011 23:26:52 +1000 334 views

Full chat thread about this at - http://www.kindleboards.com/index.php/topic,64317.0.html

Banner is visible here

Kindleboards offers two sorts of advertising packages, one is a "Book of the day" package and the other is a 729x90 pixel banner which is interleaved with one or two other adverts on the same day (to keep them rotating, stops stagnation). Previously I had used the Book-of-the-day package and had essentially no success with it, however this time around I went with the big banner option (which was cheaper, $45 USD) because it gave me more room to capture the audience.

The upside of the banner is that you're free to fill those pixels with fairly much anything you like (assuming it's suitable for work!) and it's a large area to use.

The downside is that adblockers really do block it very well (unlike the "book of the day" table). The adblockers know it's an advert because of the size, the fact that it's an image and the fact that it links to an offsite location. Still, despite the downsides I went with it.

The banner itself was a quick hack job, taking about 40 minutes to sort out of which 25 minutes was spent fiddling with the "Guardian" title text and tag. Everything really was already prepared because I just used the Inkscape file for the original book cover.

Getting to the results of the 24-hour exposure;

9 books sold (all US, $3.15 immediate return)

ranking improved from ~35,000 to 9,796

Was it worth it? Hard to tell - a lot of money is poured into advertising and apparently half of it is worth it... the trouble is working out which half ;) Beyond the direct sales aspect, I think the banner gave the book and myself a lot of exposure. A lot of people were impressed with the banner, more than I realised, so that was certainly an ego boost :D