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Fri, 13 May 2011 20:50:57 +1000 344 views

This is really more of a short note to other would-be advertisers considering going with a Google AdWords image advert. Prepare to submit your advertisement image in at least one week before you need it. Seems a bit crazy but the master of fast searching is horribly slow when it comes to reviewing image adverts.

I put one in for Guardian 8 days ago, still has not been cleared. The problem comes down to the fact that image advertisements need to be checked by humans :( . I've sent through an email to Google support but as yet no reply ( I suppose all their support staff are US-based, so that's acceptable that I've not as yet received a reply ).

Normally I'd let the banner pop up almost everywhere, however this time I'm going to be restricting it to one or two sites only, let's see how long this next $100 lasts and if I get much of a return.

Best of luck with your own image adverts.

**UPDATE: Friday 13th - 23H11; the advert finally has been approved.