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Thu, 26 Jan 2012 02:32:26 +1000 152 views

Purely a thought...

For a lot of writers, it is a perpetual struggle to keep the flame of our success alive with wind and damp of other people also yelling "Look at me!" constantly threatening to snuff you out of relevance. For a select few however, something lines up just right and they end up with a roaring flame that shines out as a beacon of success.

What is the twist here? The thing that makes me go "Hrmm" is how people are actually drawn to these larger fires and would appear to actually contribute their own wood and ignition sources to be part of this bigger bonfire of someone else's success.

I am simply guessing, but I wonder if these success stories have to do much of the old legwork as prior to them nudging past the threshold? Do people like Amanda Hocking, Victorine Leiske, David Dalglish, J.A. Konrath and similar find their working just as hard with marketing, or has the baseload eased off a bit compared to their starting days?

So what is the threshold? Perhaps it is having one hundred fantastic fans that enjoy interacting with you and spreading the word, perhaps it is one thousand? Sometimes maybe it can be as simple as having a lucky strike when a top ranking writer happens to make a clear mention of one of your works as a "recommended read" - what ever the threshold is, I suspect even with that initial kick-start you still have to work your butt off to make it last.