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Wed, 01 Feb 2012 03:11:06 +1000 230 views

So, you want a website? That's nice... do you realise how often you have to keep them updated if you want to stop them looking ratty? Today I reworked the front page of this website, adjusted the CSS again, refined some more things and I can fairly much assure you that tomorrow morning (afternoon) when I wake up I'll find something within 10 minutes that I need to rework.

I must say though, I do enjoy working on websites - they go through phases when you add in a new element which taints the feel a bit, then you add another element and it starts looking rather messy - so you fire up the coffee and go the whole-hog, ripping it all up and restyling it so that things fit clean again. At least with CSS3, jQuery and HTML5 it is a lot simpler now to do so many of the things that used to take weeks to achieve. Many thanks to the Mozilla/Firefox teams for breaking through the IE stranglehold in the mid 2000's.

The worst aspect of constantly reworking your website is that you look back on the old revisions and go "Oh my --- what was I thinking with that old layout?".

Enjoy :)