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Thu, 02 Feb 2012 02:56:40 +1000 548 views

Unbelievable.... I accidentally destroyed my masterpiece of a coffee blog entry showing a horrible insect that got into my boiling water *CRIES*

------ Dear Google Cache... I love you

You wake up, you stumble to the coffee machine, you pour out your cup of liquid life, sit back and allow the sweet molecules of mind-reviver filter into your system, aaah, a lovely way to start each day.

No, sadly many of my morning coffee events are punctuated by the presence of unwanted jungle flavours, or should I say, Australian critters? With water being a generally scarce resource around here the jug is seen as some sort of bug Sangra Li. I'm sure they talk about it while munching on the bits of food that have escaped into the underworld where our cupboard kick-boards have broken through, no thanks to the hardwork of half a million termites. "Freddy made it to the Sangra-Jug, we've never seen him since, it must be bliss!". wrong wrong and WRONG.

What really happens is that I blindly put water into the jug each morning after thinking I've tipped everything out, then proceed to hit the "Make water hot" button while busying myself doing the coffee-grind-and-pack tango with the beloved, hot, sultry looking Moka-pot. Five minutes later my coffee made and I'm taking the first sip - the brain is dull, coffee good, coffee make brain work... Mm.. tastes a bit off this morning, might have been the cream... mmm, what's that crunchy... OH HELL *GAG* *SPIT*. I know the signs, the cause, it's because something got into the jug, or wasn't flushed out. Sometimes it's a frog (slippery, bubbly coffee), perhaps a gecko (smelly coffee), often ants (keep drinking), and this morning it was a cockroach of some sort, just great :gaaaaaag:.

I have also had events where even after the perfect coffee is made, the good ole Aussie blow-fly finds itself irrisitably attracted to its own reflection in the fine bubbles of my creamy cremora and *splotch* too late, in my coffee - I swear you can spit coffee nearly ten meters when you get that dying fly tickling the roof of your mouth, on the verge of going on a one way trip down your throat :shudder: To make matters worse, another fly landed in the remake, bummer.

...mmm... more coffee please, with added "flavour".