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Wed, 08 Feb 2012 11:03:06 +1000 353 views

What is it with people and their obsession with deliberately going blind and selectively quoting-and-responding to your posts in a way that makes it look like you were suggesting or supporting the very thing you were not for little more reason other than to try and climb on top of your head and shout "Look at me, I'm better". Sadly people won't bother looking back at the original post or putting the brain-power into understanding your post before they jump on the bandwagon. Great, another two hours wasted trying to correct everyone. Sure, it shouldn't matter, but it actually can and does in some locations.

Normally this sort of thing doesn't rile me up enough to blog about it - but in the last 12 hours I've had several instances of it happen and quite frankly it's p*ssing me off. These posters go in with the intent of finding a way to paraphrase your original statements in a manner that they can slaughter your insightful post and stand on its beautiful corpse to raise the same flag you were raising, bloody hell.

I know, I know - this sort of thing exists everywhere, politics thrives, and media barons get filthy rich from it. I really had hoped [stupidly] that in a group of independent writers, such pointless cannibalism would be kept in check, but nope, it's alive and well. There's limited food (money) going around, so better to slaughter off as many as possible to ensure one's own survival - at least that's their theory I suppose.

When you read posts, you have a choice to make; given that there'll nearly always be a level of ambiguity - do you err on the side of what makes the poster a similar-minded person to yourself, or do you try to make an enemy out of them, even if they probably are standing for the same things you are?

Waiting now to see how many people can completely twist this blog up, you know it has to happen.