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Fri, 06 Apr 2012 22:56:55 +1000 556 views

I just finished purging about 1,200 follows from my Twitter account, I'm handing in my marketing scripts and just going back to ordinary boring talk on Twitter, no more book pushing. The way I saw it, I was following nearly 2,000 people and yet I did not look at 99.9% of those tweets that were constantly streaming down my page, all I could see was #free #ebook #kindle #samplesunday #sample #freebook #lookAtMe #omgzponiez (oh wait!), you get the idea.

Now I could have dropped all those people and kept on engaging on the weekly/monthly Twitter broadcasts, but I'm not sure I want to engage the announcement-weary audience like that. Almost every marketing post felt out of place, wrong, false, contrived, I just couldn't find the authenticity in it any more, and I couldn't seem to conjure unique and crafty tweets to out-tweet the others.

So here I am, back to about 380 following, there's still perhaps 1,400 people following me but that should taper off rather quickly as the people run their daily no-follow purge scripts, of which I hold no ill feelings towards. Now I'm looking at a tweet stream that I actually am interested in, back to where it all should have been before the marketing hype twisted it for me.