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Tue, 01 Mar 2011 21:58:37 +1100 167 views

I should say, "Welcome to the first entry to my technical blog", alas that would be a lie, because technically it is my second entry, the first unfortunately was gobbled up by an errant bit of code that sent my masterful creation to the abyss of the internet. Somewhere out there, alone and I cannot reach it, even the God like powers of Google cannot get it back for me. Farewell my beloved virgin post.

In a way, I suppose this is a more apt first (public) post, it brings to light something that's very important for us all, protecting our creations. Things like backups are seldom thought of until after we've lost what was precious to us. No matter what you use as a backup, there's a crucial mantra, don't rely on yourself to remember to do them, make sure your computer is scheduled to do them on your behalf. If you can, also backup to more than one location. If your house burns down you'll find that a backup to an external drive is pretty useless, likely they'll have melted into a lovely cojoined pool of ash dusted aluminium alloy. For the simplest quick option, you could always consider using the internet-based storage service ( Dropbox ). Personally I don't use it but it's widely used and very convenient for many people.

So what is this blog really about? I'm the other half in a two person team, Elita writes books, I get them to market and try to convince everyone that they utterly have to buy a copy (you do, so go buy a copy now, before you read on). I am the technical aspect, I choose and manage the technological solutions we use to bring the books to market.

There's a twist to our situation though, we're not your normal Windows + MS Office situation here, we threw that our years ago, many years ago. Instead we use Ubuntu (currently 10.10) which is a whole system built around Linux, the very same Linux that's running your Kindle and the same core that's running your Android systems. It's everywhere but you really just don't notice it, because it's doing its job, most of the time, very well. I'm not going to sit here and try convert people to it, rather I'll just continue to do things here our way and offer help to any others who might want to join in.

On a topic of more immediate interest to most people reading, the rise of the independent writers! There's no denying that with the introduction of well priced eBook readers and the pervasive nature of the internet, people are going to be able to offer their creative works to anyone without even having to think about attaining a publisher. Traditional publishers are naturally concerned, independent writers have broken over the threshold of acceptability in the eyes of the public and are now flooding across the traditionally guarded publisher turf, eroding away the foundations of the old school business system. Amazon saw it coming, in fact they played a large role in breaking down that wall by allowing almost anyone to submit their works for sale to the Kindle. There were plenty of earlier players in the eBook market,in fact it's quite an old market, however Amazon has certainly bought it together with a great combination of hardware, network and customer service. No doubt we'll see a lot of publishers close their doors, those that are left will likely cherry pick the independent writers as they ripen to popularity in the market (after lots of hard work by the independent of course).

I'll sign off by saying, I'm glad that Elita and myself have gone the Indie route, it is tough at times, you have to work hard at it, both marketing and writing, it costs you a lot of money up front to do it right (editing, artwork, marketing) but in the end, when those sales start coming in, you know it's because you were the one that did it (with the help of fellow Indie writers too :) ).