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I was researching how to get readers more interactive with the blog posts (because most readers are lurkers), and I've found 5 useful tips. I have noticed that having open ended posts encourages comments. It makes sense. If you cover everything there is to say on a topic others won't have anything to add. But I'm not sure how to be opened ended. Suggestions are welcomed :)

1. Make it Easy to Comment - Keeping your comments section as simple and as easy to use as possible is good for helping readers participate, especially those who are unfamiliar with blogging. Also, if someone leaves a comment interact with them. This gets harder as your list grows, but it’s important because it shows your readers that their comments are valued and creates the feeling of an interactive environment, in which you as the blogger are active. And keep in mind that drawing attention to your readers who use comments not only affirms them but also draws attention of other readers to the use of your comments section.

2. Ask Questions – Including specific questions in posts definitely helps get higher numbers of comments.

3. Invite Comments – I know this seems obvious, but it seems to get higher numbers of responses when you specifically invite comments. People are related to vampires in many ways and need to feel the invite.

4. Be humble – You don't want to lay all your flaws out there to be trampled on, but people respond well to posts that show your vulnerabilities, failings and the gaps in your own knowledge, more than if you come across as a person who knows everything and might respond harshly to their opinions.

5. ‘Reward’ Comments – There are many ways to acknowledge and reward good comments that range from

simply including a ‘good comment’ remark through to highlighting them in other posts that you write.

I hope that helps. Let me know!

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