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Tue, 12 Apr 2011 10:58:34 +1000 227 views

It has been barely 2 months since I last updated this site, gave it a whole face lift and livened things up and yet, in the last two days I've gone and changed things again.

Perhaps it's because I'm always visiting my own site, I become rather bored with it, it loses that first-impression impact, maybe it's the flaws in the layout that become more and more glaring to me as my focus refuses to let go. All I know is that for what ever reason, I seem to periodically put myself though a few days of annoyance as I conjure a new theme each time.

This time around, I wanted more of the green influence on the site, I quite liked how the small green/yellow flowers I had in the bottom left previously gave it a bit of a lift, so hence I went forward from that and changed the whole background. There's also the layout difference on the front page of course, including the new jQuery animated-tab which I spent quite a bit of time modifying from original. Word of advice, if you do use jQuery in your own site cutting, probably best to immediately use the noConflict(), the namespace clash with other optimised-scripts was a pain.

I still have to add more content to the front page, there's a whole section on the right of the Writer/Tech blog column that has to be filled. My first option is some sort of live feed - the trouble is what to feed.


Comment #1
Maybe it's because you love your wife so much you want absolute perfection for her, or maybe you're OCD or insane. The possibilities are endless. The site is looking better and better all time. Thank you my gorgeous, darling, loving husband.
Posted by Elita at Tue, 12 Apr 2011 19:43:14 +1000.