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Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:51:58 +1000 342 views

Three days later and a few too many revisions, I believe that I am now acceptably content with how the website now looks.

For many, it probably was perfectly fine as it stood in its previous form, however there were always things that irked me, the feeling that there was more optimisation, or greater clarity to be achieved that kept haunting me. I think it's that sort of feeling that is in all creative people, it is what drives us to keep on trying new things even when there's no apparent reason to do so.

Will I be modifying the site still? Quite likely, there'll be tweaks and adjustments but the key layout and theme are now a lot more to my liking (and Elita's, which of course is vitally important if I am to survive :D ).

It is likely coincidental, but since the new site went up this morning, sales have also shot through the roof of Guardian, more likely however it will be found to have been because I posted a notice on the Facebook Kindle page.

A few people won't like the new styling, a few people will likely think also that I made a mistake with the gap between the outer-outline and the white body of the main content window but no, it's deliberate :D

One last note - if you're a jQuery user, dang, use that .noConflict call, saves a lot of trauma.