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Thu, 21 Apr 2011 18:51:10 +1000 487 views

Microsoft Windows

I mean really, here we have a system that's been around for the better part of 20 years and it still needs to have Antivirus software installed, it still doesn't by default handle multiple desktops, it still frequently needs to be just wiped and reinstalled rather than trying to fix what ever the hell is wrong with it. Move to a Mac or get Ubuntu ( you can still run your Windows apps using VirtualBox if you need to - and things will be safer in the sandbox world ), yes the transition can be a pain but in the long run your sanity will thank you.

Piracy and DRM

This is what actually inspired me today to write this blog. I see people wasting hours of their lives arguing over the details of if it does or doesn't hurt book sales. I don't agree with piracy, I don't support or or condone it, but the reality appears to be that it has no notable bearing on the sales numbers from people who were legitimately going to buy it in the first place. If nothing else, I can only see piracy serving one main purpose when it comes to books, improving your exposure - silly pirates, so much for sticking it to the 'man', they just fell for it.

As for DRM, nothing like having a layer of security there that doesn't impede the pirates but ultimately just denies your genuine readers, those who actually paid you money for your work, nice going, way to reduce your readership. A lot of people who say they don't care about DRM "doesn't bother me" are people who've not had a run in with it stopping them from gaining access to their content - these people quickly change their tune after their first lockout, and yes, it happens.

Loud cars and bikes

Really... what are you compensating for? At best, being so loud just draws attention to the fact that you're an utter imbecile, not that you'd be reading this blog either though. I can't do work during the day and the first few hours of night because of the rampant number of appendage-length-challenged opening their throttles as they attempt to fly up our road. I'll probably laugh when one of them finally loses control and rolls their car. The downside will be of course if they injure anyone other than themselves. If the police were serious about revenue raising, they should park their butts over here, in an afternoon they'd more than cover their Christmas party budget demands.

Comment #1
Good points all, and i especially appreciate the last one, we have similar troubles. Problem is most of these loud exhausts are put on tiny engined cars by pimple face 'yoofs' and cant reach a speed where a roll may occur. But you can guarantee they will injure others before themselves. Use and treat any vehicle respectfully. They kill far more people than guns and knifes.Excellent post.
Posted by Sarki at Thu, 21 Apr 2011 19:10:20 +1000.