Tree of life (Part II)
"Before the Dawn"

316 pages, 83,000 words.

Main cover art by : Claudia 'Phatpuppy'
Model: Jessica 'Faestock'
Composited by: Paul Daniels

This is the sequel to "The Darkening of Deacon" - Tree of Life Book I.

It's been days since Deacon lost Magenta, and already Deacon is on the brink of attaining his vengeance. At his father's home Deacon encounters someone from his past and strange alliances are formed, yet Deacon is still bent on destroying the elven "Tree of Life". His plans are put at risk when he encounters a beautiful desert creature, half woman, half something else. But soon the irrefutable seduction of another lures Deacon into an underworld of necromancers, and headlong into a colossal battle against the Imperial city. And Deacon is on the wrong side of the conflict.