Tree of life (Part I)

ISBN:978-0980819304 , 380 pages, 120,000 words.

Main cover art by : Claudia 'Phatpuppy'
Model: Jessica 'Faestock'
Composited by: Paul Daniels

"Before the Dawn" Tree of Life Part II is now available.

Wrath, vengeance, hatred, cannot breathe the same atmosphere as love. And so it was that love began to wither and withdraw...

Among the ageless quietude of the elves, Deacon, a mortal, suffers the inescapable awareness of mortality. He lived in what many deemed perfection, but a dark uncertainty plagued him that there lay treachery in it all.

When secrets of his mysterious heritage are revealed, the young mage is thrown into a revolt of confusion, and in an unwholesome vent of misery, travels a path of unforgivable deeds. One of the few left of his kind - a race whose magical energies are vigorously interwoven with their lifeforce - Deacon is drawn into a world that turns into an involution of evil and death.

The fate that awaits him will have immeasurable consequences far beyond his control.

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It is a abomitable shame to not appreciate this work for all that it is worth. To appreciate it correctly - you need to shut everything off, abolish distraction and make yourself comfortable. It won't be the same experiance if you have to put this book down for any reason - and once you are reading it, you won't want to anyway. - Ricochet Reviews

Tree of Life (Part I)